My company is currently for personal business purposes. Eventually we will attempt an IPO, but for now we are relying on equity financing. For information on becoming an investor in LASTWELL LLC email

As my new parent company was founded in 2020 you will be entering on the ground level. There is nowhere to go but up from the ground level, and we are a zero-risk business so there is no chance of company digging below that level ever. This is the smartest investment you could ever make. Think of what it must have been like for those people who had the lucky opportunity and chose to gamble on microsoft, amazon, netflix, or zoom prior to their Initial Public Offerings.

One wing of my company is investment banking and stock market trading. Only invest in the Covid-Winners. If you would like us to manage your already existent investment portfolio, please call or text to discuss.


LASTWELL LLC and all of its subsidiaries are 2020 Covid-19 Winners. Investing in any of these startup equities is a sure-win. Don't be a motley fool, be an investment Amadeus. Invest today in shares of LASTWELL LLC a company built to lasts well! Take your portfolio to the highest level. All rights reserved LASTWELL LLC 2020